Life Changers

The week before Thanksgiving 2014, 15 volunteers from SVRM’s south Florida headquarters represented the Coptic Orthodox church and Southern U.S. Diocese at the Broward Outreach Center’s newest facility in Pompano Beach, FL. Broward Outreach is a division of the Miami Rescue Mission. Founded in 1922, SVRM found that their mission to help “the least, the last and the lost through human compassion and the love of God” resembles very closely our own mission. Theirs is well organized facility providing shelter, clothing, food, recovery and counseling for over 400 men, women and children. Our volunteers received countless blessings that day serving meals to the residents of the facility, organizing their enormous pantry and cleaning up the busy kitchen. They also raised over $650, earning first place in their monthly donations drive. In addition to cash donations, they delivered hundreds of pounds of hygiene products along with new and unused clothing.

Volunteers all agreed that they will make the time going forward for regular visits to Broward Outreach Center and sincerely hope that everyone in South Florida will learn about the good and Godly work of the Miami Rescue Mission and Broward Outreach Center.