Director of Student Care

The Director of Student Care will be responsible for two major areas of student services: coordination of Title IX and oversight of student care. Student care includes chairing the Student Care Committee, performing student case-management functions, and promoting campus-wide wellness initiatives.

Education and Work Experience
The Director of Student Care should have a master’s degree in a field related to mental health care, student development, or higher education. Work experience should include the provision of services to college students, knowledge in overseeing an office and budget, and collaborating with others to provide integrated care.

Reporting Structure
The Director of Student Care reports directly to the Vice President for Student Development and supervises the part-time case manager.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Coordinate the university's compliance with sexual-assault reporting and investigations in accordance with Title IX.
  2. Administer and oversee timely completion of investigations of, and response to, alleged violations of sexual-misconduct matters involving students, faculty, and staff.
  3. Provide leadership with an investigation plan and execution of investigations of sexual-misconduct matters.
  4. Review and advise on investigation reports and letters as well as hearing and appeal determinations and recommendations. Assure compliance with findings and recommendations in determinations and outcome letters.
  5. Administer and implement Title IX compliance efforts and matters under the university’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  6. Oversee, train, lead, and collaborate with Deputy Title IX Coordinators and investigators on discrimination and sexual-misconduct matters.
  7. Develop plans for programs, services, education, and assessment of Title IX programs and prevention efforts, including sexual-misconduct prevention training.
  8. In consultation with other university offices, develop and implement Title IX training programs for students, faculty, and staff.
  9. In consultation with other university offices, provide leadership in the development and implementation of ongoing campus-wide climate surveys to assess the university community’s overall understanding of sexual-misconduct and gender-based issues and trends and to assist in developing programs and responses.
  10. Track cases, data, and trends related to discrimination and sexual-misconduct complaints, determinations, and trainings. Generate Annual Report required under Sexual Misconduct Policy as well as similar reports related to discrimination cases.
  11. Advise and collaborate with other offices, as appropriate, on the status of initiatives, case management trends, and challenges regarding sexual-misconduct and Title IX compliance.
  12. Regularly attend sexual-misconduct prevention trainings, including Title IX trainings, to ensure compliance with investigative standards and continuously identify and integrate best practices as they relate to sexual-misconduct and Title IX compliance.
  13. Chair the Student Care Committee.
  14. Supervise the part-time case management role.
  15. Recommend cases to the Vice President for Student Development for consideration for behavior contracts and disciplinary proceedings.
  16. Liaise with The Hub and other student success programs regarding online reporting of student concerns.
  17. Develop and monitor a reentry process for students seeking to return to campus due to health, mental health, legal, and disciplinary concerns.
  18. Collaborate with various offices (e.g., Residential Life and Housing, Dean of Students, Counseling Center, Health Clinic) for appropriate follow-up on student situations and for campus-wide care needs in areas related to student wellness.
  19. Assist in revising and publishing the Student Handbook.
  20. Serve on the Threat Assessment Team.
  21. Maintain confidential student records.
  22. Carry a part–time teaching load.
  23. Assume other duties as assigned by the Vice President for Student Development.


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