Program Specialist IV, CEO - Protocol Officer

Essential Job Functions


  • Ensures that appropriate protocol is observed when dignitaries visit the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and its departments.
  • Maintains liaison with the Los Angeles Consular Corps consisting of 104 Consulates (66 career Consulates General are full time diplomats sent from the home country, and 38 honorary Consults who are permanent residents or citizens residing in the County of Los Angeles).
  • Promotes exchanges involving business, tourism culture, sports, and education that benefit the County of Los Angeles.
  • Provides the Board of Supervisors with staff support when receiving foreign visitors. Tasks include writing briefing papers, speeches, coordinating events and ceremonies honoring official visitors, correspondence and verbiage for scrolls, plaques, and inscriptions and prepares appropriate protocol gifts.
  • Represents the Board of Supervisors at events hosted by the Consular Corps and other international organizations. Attends evening and weekend events on an average of three times a week.
  • Serves as liaison to protocol offices of the U.S. Department of State, State of California, City of Los Angeles, and other state, counties, and cities, sharing information, ideas and expertise about working with consulate offices, receiving foreign dignitaries and observing foreign customs.
  • Works with the International Liaison Unit, Sheriff's Department of the County of Los Angeles, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department Dignitary Protection Unit and other law enforcement agencies that are involved with the diplomatic and consular community and dignitary visits.
  • Coordinates with the Los Angeles Regional Office of the U.S. State Department Office of Foreign Missions and Homeland Security offices on consular issues and other matters related to the Consular Corps.
  • Works with civic groups such as the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Economic and Development Corporation, the World Affairs Council of Los Angeles, LA Area Chamber of Commerce, Town Hall of Los Angeles to plan meetings and activities for foreign delegations and high level foreign visitors.
  • Raises funds to support events sponsored and hosted by the Board of Supervisors for the Consular Corps and visiting foreign dignitaries.
  • Produces the annual Los Angeles Consular Corps Golf/Tennis Invitational and the biennial Government Connections: Services and Liaisons for the Consular Corps Seminar.
  • Facilitates requests from foreign delegations wishing to meet with County Departments.
  • Facilitates requests for special services involving passport expedites, port courtesies and public/private venues in the County of Los Angeles.
  • Maintains a current roster of foreign consulates in Los Angeles County that is published on the website.
  • Maintains the Social Program Agreement with the International Visitor's Council of Los Angeles.
  • Manages the Foreign Consular Identification Cards (FCIC) Program and annually surveying the use of these identification cards by County departments.   
LA County, CA 90010
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