Career Liaison for Colleges of Arts & Sciences, Psychology, Neuroscience & Biological Science

The Career Liaison is the primary liaison between The Career Center and the designated academic unit. The successful candidate will develop
strategic partnerships that connect employers, students, and alumni to The Career Center. Staff in these positions work with existing and prospective
employers to identify and increase career-related experiential learning
opportunities, e.g., co-ops, internships, volunteer, research, job shadowing, and part-time employment.
This position engages directly with faculty, staff, and academic
advisors to inform students and faculty about experiential learning
opportunities, create opportunities for students to build employability skills, deliver engaging workshops, and collect information about current
engagements in experiential learning. The position oversees the successful implementation of all related functions, reports directly to the Senior
Assistant Director of Experiential Learning, and resides part-time in the
academic unit and part-time in The Career Center, a Division of Student Affairs at Florida State University.

Essential Functions:

The essential functions of the position include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Support and assist in the development, direction, administration, andpromotion of university-wide experiential learning/education program forundergraduate and graduate students.
• Facilitate, promote, and expand interaction with business/industry,government, and non-profit employers to create and increase career-related work experience opportunities, e.g., co-ops, internships, volunteer,research, job shadowing, and part-time employment.
• Plan, implement, and conduct outreach workshops, presentations,and programs to educate and inform students, faculty/staff, andadministrators about Career Center programs and services, as well asopportunities to build employability skills.
• Advise/counsel students individually or in groups regarding various typesof work experience opportunities, Career Center resources and services,and job search strategies.
• Provide accurate data collection for student engagement in experientiallearning opportunities, e.g., co-ops, internships, volunteer, research, jobshadowing, and part-time employment.
• Deliver other core Career Center programs including teaching the careerplanning class, career advising, and employer development.


The minimum requirements for this position include, but are not limited to, the following qualifications:
• Master’s degree.
• Prefer 2 years of experience inExperiential Education or CareerServices.
• Effective oral and writtencommunication, program planning,presentation, and computer skills.
• Ability to establish rapport and relatewell to students, faculty, employers,and staff.
• Ability to work with a diversepopulation of team members andconstituents.
• Willingness to work collaborativelywith academic colleges.
• Service-oriented approach.
• Careful attention to detail.

Tallahassee, FL 32306
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