Faculty Services Coordinator


Faculty Services Coordinator

This position works with the Director of Faculty Services and also cooperates with the DAL Curriculum Development Department in scheduling the roll out of new and revised courses in the annual schedule. Supervises the building of courses, schedules, and faculty teaching assignments for the DAL. It facilitates faculty training and development opportunities. The position also leads the communication campaigns and team meetings of the DAL continuing advising team.


This position requires college level teaching and administrative experience, plus the educational credentials to match. The position is Master’s degree required, Doctorate preferred. At least 5 years of higher education experience is preferred.



  • Supervises and manages the building of annual schedules, courses, and the corresponding payroll within the division.
  • Provides a high level of customer service in corresponding with and mentoring faculty who teach in the DAL.
  • Responsible for new courses and revision of courses offered each session. Coordinates the course schedules with the Curriculum Development Team.
  • Leads faculty in problem solving course issues and academic honesty issues that arise.
  • Communicate to faculty and DAL continuing advisors announcements and policy reminders throughout the year in coordination with other departments.
  • Directs and facilitates problem-solving processes for continuing advisors of the DAL.
  • Submits weekly reports to the Director of Faculty Services.
  • Work in a positive and effective manner to support the mission of Lee University and the Division of Adult Learning.
  • Assist the Director of Faculty Services with special projects and other duties as needed.



  • Problem Solving
  • Able to organize and oversee large projects and processes
  • Tech savvy
  • Able to oversee a task force or ad-hoc committee
  • Comfortable utilizing university software and data systems
  • Can assist faculty in situations that are highly confidential for students
  • Communicates effectively with faculty, students, and staff
  •  Independently able to work and oversee others to complete projects/ large processes
  • Webinar/Video production experience
  • College level teaching and administrative experience
  • Supervise student workers



This position will require a high level critical thinking to help faculty, advisors, and staff problem solve issues that arise with DAL academic programs. In planning faculty assignments, course offerings, faculty payroll, advisor loads, and training programs attention to detail will be critical.


Cleveland, TN 37311
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