Internship Coordinator

he Internship Coordinator works with faculty, students and area employers including businesses, non-profits and governmental organizations to manage and expand a robust internship program. This involves supporting existing internships and building new ones with area employers. The Internship Coordinator works closely with academic faculty and students to match students with appropriate internship opportunities, interviews and coaches students through the process, and assists faculty mentors. The Coordinator maintains a database of potential internship sites, manages the internship web-based portals, and analyzes internship data. This position is also responsible for managing an internship budget and coordinating spending with departments that have grant resources to support internships. The majority of current internships are in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) area, and some in business and professional studies. The Internship Coordinator needs to be familiar with STEM fields to support those internships, while continuing to offer internship support across the entire college to interested departments and students.


  • Business relationship management: Help new companies conceptualize and post internships. Advise on internship requirements. Help companies draft internship job descriptions and create high-value internships for themselves and the intern. Help students and companies evaluate internships during and upon completions. Help businesses post internships at times that coincide with the academic and internship calendars. Help companies apply for external funds available to support/stipend their interns (e.g. Mass Clean Energy Center).
  • Intern matching: Meet with students. Manage online applications. Work with faculty mentors and departments to facilitate matching appropriate students with business and agency partners. Coach new faculty mentors on responsibilities.
  • Outreach and promotion: Promote internships as part of student programs to students and faculty at through presentations, emails, bulletin boards, stories for marketing and press. Visit classrooms and clubs, such as Business Club. Reach out to employers to broaden the base for internship opportunities. Maintain collaborations with existing employer partners. Create profiles of student interns as well as participating employers and their internship opportunities.
  • Maintain databases: Use internship website to extract data. Update potential internship database with business contacts from conferences, local business groups etc. Manage internship database including financial information, credits, faculty and student stipends, grant support etc.
  • Web Site and program management: Administer internship website. Propose and write changes as needed. Confer with leadership, (Deans and Chief Academic Officer) on issues outside the purview of this position, such as legal questions.
  • Meetings and Trainings: Convene meetings and organize/conduct trainings to gather employer input or educate businesses about internship opportunities. Organize student lightning talks and other presentations about internships.
  • Systems Design, research and logistics: evaluate program and suggest changes and improvements. Reach out to other organizations and schools that have internship programs to learn about best practices. Work with and partner agencies to refine policies and procedures, (i.e. liability insurance) to facilitate hosting of interns.
  • Administration: Manage internship budget. Assist department administrative assistants in creating internship courses and enrolling students. Keep track of total funds available to support interns from various sources (e.g. grants, internship budget, etc.)
  • Other internship-related duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or equivalent experience.
  • Good customer interface skills, business sales or other experiences working with businesses.
  • Demonstrated strong writing and organizing skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects with multiple departments in a team environment.
  • Experience managing internships, coops, other experiential work, or equivalent type of programming.
  • Database management, Excel and good office computer skills.
  • Prior, direct experience with students in secondary school or college setting (e.g. teaching, advising, counselling, etc.)
  • Demonstrated familiarity and interest in STEM fields.
  • Demonstrated passion for helping students attain their educational and career goals.


  • Master's degree in college career advising, education, or related field.
  • Experience with counseling or teaching career skills.
  • Experience marketing with social media (Facebook, Linked in, Constant Contact etc.).
  • Teaching experience at the college level.
  • Training and presentation skills.
  • Website management skills.
  • Project management experience.
  • Experience helping students with career skills such as writing cover letters and resumes.


Applicants who do not meet the qualifications as stated above are encouraged to put in writing precisely how their background and experience have prepared them with the equivalent combination of education, training and experience required for the responsibilities of this position.

Additional Information:


This is an 18.75-hour-per-week grant-funded position. Continued employment is contingent on sufficient available grant funds. Work schedule is flexible however applicants should NOT plan to work the required hours over three consecutive days.

PAY RATE:  $28.29 per hour or current hourly rate; 18.75 hours per week

Salisbury, NC 28144
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