Special Services Assistant IV - Legislative Affairs

Assists the Chief Executive Office by carrying out major projects, studies, and assignments related to legislation.

Essential Job Functions


  • Leads, identifies, coordinates, responds to, reports on, and tracks highly complex Federal and/or State legislative and budget matters in major specified areas of interest or impact to the County throughout the Legislative process from the introduction of proposals to their enactment.
  • Analyzes and makes recommendations on proposed Federal and/or State legislation on highly complex issues to identify impact to County programs, finances and operations.
  • Analyzes proposed Federal and/or State budget proposals on highly complex issues to identify impact to County programs, finances and operations and makes recommendations for County positions and advocacy strategies.
  • Coordinates with County departments, Legislative staff and other entities efforts to develop and enact major proposals for County-sponsored legislation and/or budget proposals at the Federal and/or State levels.
  • Prepares letters, testifies before legislative committees and meets with Legislative members and staff to advocate County positions on State and Federal legislation and budget proposals.
  • Communicates accurately and concisely recommendations orally or in writing on legislative and budget proposals that impact the County consistent with County and Board priorities. 



Three years of experience at the level of Principal Analyst, CEO* analyzing and recommending solutions to highly complex problems in legislation and State and Federal budget proposals (e.g., tracking proposed legislation, determining impact of proposed legislation on an entity's programs and services, advocating at the State and Federal level for the support of measures that would enhance an entity's programs, revenues, operations and services, and identifying State and Federal legislation and budget proposals which would negatively impact an entity's programs, finances and operations which the entity would oppose). 

A valid California Class C Driver License or the ability to utilize an alternative method of transportation when needed to carry out job-related essential functions.

LA County, CA 90010
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