Director of Health Services

The Director of Health Services is responsible for planning and implementing a program of student health services. The director is directly responsible to the Vice President for Student Development and regularly collaborates and consults with the Medical Director in carrying out duties.

Minimum Education and Experience
At minimum, the Director of Health Services should:

  • Have a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) or a comparable four-year degree
  • Possess a current license to practice as a registered nursing in Tennessee by the Tennessee Board of Nursing
  • Have demonstrated experience in supervising nurses and coordinating various aspects of patient care
  • Have experience in overseeing an office staff and budget

Preferred Education and Experience
Preferred education and experience include:

  • A master’s degree in nursing (MSN) or other relevant graduate degrees
  • Oversight of patient care in an emergency or college setting
  • Knowledge of the American College Health Association Standards of Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education (SPHPHE)



  • Carry out reasonable instructions given by the Vice President for Student Development
  • Perform general administrative duties in leading the Health Clinic
  • Supervise nursing and clerical staff in the Health Clinic
  • Lead the entire clinic team in providing quality care to patients
  • Maintain effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Display a professional demeanor and work with an attitude of service to others
  • Work outside normal business hours for numerous university events (e.g., Dorm Wars, Homecoming, Lee Day)
  • Draft and create clear, professional documents and reports in accordance with professional nursing standards
  • Promote a Christ-like atmosphere in ethical, moral, and professional behavior in the office environment
  • Assess and evaluate the performance of the Health Clinic and its staff
  • Operate various computer programs associated with the university network
  • Maintain confidentiality with office and student records
  • Ensure compliance with national, state, and local regulations pertaining to college health clinics



  • Supervise daily functions of the Health Clinic
  • Oversee the nursing and office staff members working in the Health Clinic
  • Maintain quality assurance in consultation with the Medical Director
  • Treat minor illnesses and injuries of students and employees which fall within the director’s sphere of competence
  • Refer students to outside medical resources when, in the director’s professional judgment, this seems warranted
  • Develop and enhance relationships with local medical providers as referral resources
  • Accompany students to the hospital or a clinic when necessary
  • Prepare and oversee an annual budget
  • Maintain appropriate staffing levels and coordinate staff development
  • Ensure the clinic staff are certified for laboratory protocols each year
  • Contact parents or guardians of students in the event of serious illness or injury
  • Maintain current health records on students
  • Plan and implement a health education program for the university community
  • Coordinate physicals and immunizations for those participating in the Global Perspectives travel program and provide educational resources for trip directors
  • Serve as a member of the Student Care Committee
  • Work closely with administrative or student development personnel as a resource, particularly concerning matters of public health
  • Provide an emergency medical services presence for campus events as necessary (e.g., graduation activities)
  • Coordinate and promote campus events on a regular basis (e.g., blood drives, Health Fair)
  • Maintain the clinic’s information on the university’s website and through social media 
  • Ensure compliance with state regulations regarding immunizations for incoming students
  • Assist with the oversight of the university’s HealthQuest program for employee wellness
  • Serve as a member of the Safety Committee
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the clinic’s operation in accordance with standards set forth by regional accreditation bodies
  • Practice in accordance with Title IX regulations and assist in investigations as necessary
  • Represent the university at professional meetings or conferences
  • Maintain active memberships in appropriate professional associations
  • Provide residence halls with first aid boxes
  • Arrange instruction for first aid and CPR annually, ensuring Health Clinic staff CPR certification
  • Validate that varsity athletes have a complete physical examination each year
  • Teach as a member of the faculty with approval from the Vice President for Student Development
  • Perform guest lectures for faculty members when needed
  • Attend monthly faculty meetings and periodic faculty seminars
  • Attend weekly Student Development Leadership Team meetings
  • Generate a weekly report to the Vice President of Student Development that summarizes the activities of the Health Clinic for each week
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Vice President for Student Development



  • Walking, standing, stopping, sitting, and bending at intervals within the work day
  • Providing direct patient care that requires standing and may require lifting and that may involve exposure to body fluids, harmful chemicals, used medical equipment, etc.
  • Completing detailed work with computer programs, e-mails, and reports and developing office criteria constitute 33% of the workday
  • Supervising, hosting, and coordinating events require walking and standing for periods of 15-45 minutes



  • Temperature and humidity are maintained by a closed and regulated HVAC system inside the office.
  • Time must be spent outside in the elements as needed to attend events or activities or to walk across campus for meetings.
  • The provision of medical services will involve exposure to patients who are ill and to chemicals that require appropriate safety precautions.


Cleveland, TN 37320
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