Assistant Professor - Anesthesiology

Position Description Contributes to the university's mission through teaching, research and service, some variation by academic unit. Major/Essential Functions Provide pain management services during normal clinic days and hours of operations, subject to applicable operating policies. Exercise independent professional judgment about treatment Supervise, teach and mentor Anesthesiology pain residents and fellows who may rotate to clinic for experience Occasional Duties Participate in Anesthesiology/Pain related interviews and meetings, as warranted. Required Qualifications Academic degree as defined by the academic unit and as appropriate for the position held. Demonstrated record of effectiveness as a teacher, a record of peer reviewed publication and/or peer-reviewed creative activity which has contributed to the discipline or field of study, to the candidate's intellectual and artistic development, and to the quality of the academic enterprise; a record of professional service appropriate to the discipline; promise of growth in teaching and research or artistic and creative activity

Lubbock, TX 79430
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