Internship Coordinator


  1. Recruit, establish, and maintain local, regional, national and international internship sites and the relationships that support institutional mission and vision, and student learning outcomes.
  2. Develop internship opportunities that meet the goals and student learning outcomes pertaining to degree coursework.
  3. Expand the range of real world educational connections in and out of the classroom. Communicate to all stakeholders the range of opportunities and how to access them. Liaise with faculty interested in incorporating client projects/real world learning into existing and new courses.
  4. Provide career and experiential opportunity information to academic advisors and community members.
  5. Maintain current information and resources regarding career services and internships on the appropriate websites.
  6. Stay abreast of labor laws and practices as they apply to internships.
  7. Provide career advising, counseling, and programming that supports the vision, mission, and goals for the office of Career Services and Internships and is in alignment with current research, theories, and practice of career development, advising and learning.
  8. Outreach to other universities to secure a graduate assistant for fall and spring semesters.
  9. Promote the Mission, Vision, and Values of the University.

M.A. in Education, Human Services, Counseling, or related field preferred. National Career Counselor Certification or MCC preferred. Must have 2-4 years of prior experience in career counseling at the University level along with experience in coordinating/supervising college interns and building community and employer relations. Successful applicants should demonstrate knowledge and professional skills in career counseling and program development; career and educational information; individual and group vocational assessment; and career counseling for special populations. Additionally, candidates should show evidence of student advocacy, productivity, and professional development.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
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