Graduate Secretary for the College of Education

The Graduate Secretary is responsible for assisting the Director of Graduates Studies and faculty with daily operations. The Graduate Secretary will have full knowledge of and abide by the terms detailed in this job description and all written or verbal policies, procedures and instructions established by administration in the Lee University Staff Handbook.

The Graduate Secretary should have experience in an administrative office, preferably an academic setting. This would include customer service experience as well as recruiting efforts. The Graduate Secretary should be proficient with Microsoft Office applications.

The Graduate Secretary reports to the Director of Graduate Studies and provides service to faculty and students of the Lee University community with the following performance expectations:

  • Demonstration of ethical, moral and professional behavior in the office environment
  • A positive and flexible attitude
  • Effective communication and appropriate relationships with co-workers
  • Prompt management of tasks given by the director
  • Maintaining confidentiality with faculty and student records
  • Willingness to respond to faculty needs in a timely and professional manner
  • Computer literacy with thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and related office software, including email
  • Ability to handle interruptions calmly and professionally
  • Ability to input and keep accurate records, compose timely reports and ensure reliability and completeness of information
  • Ability to accomplish complex tasks, prioritize responsibilities and meet deadlines
  • Ability to respond positively to constructive criticism, guidance and suggestions for improvement regarding performance



  • Act as receptionist for the Department of Graduate Studies in Education
  • Create and maintain all graduate student files from the initial application process through graduation
  • Proactively recruit students for Graduate Programs in Education by planning and implementing recruiting activities. Activities may include: using a variety of modalities to engage prospective students including social media, email, phone, coordinating campus visits, and developing community partnerships.
  • Counsel prospective students via phone, email, and face to face appointments on the admission process and various opportunities at the university
  • Assist in creating a supportive environment that promotes student satisfaction and retention through development of ongoing relationships with new and enrolled students
  • Serve as the principle point of contact and primary resource for students, being responsible for addressing student issues and referring students to the appropriate academic departments as needed
  • Serve as general academic advisor for all new and enrolled students to ensure student success in completing individual programs
  • Provide timely and accurate information to advise students regarding academic program requirements, degree progression, and academic policies and procedures
  • Assist students with term-by-term registration guidance in advance of upcoming terms
  • Assist director in preparing semester class schedules
  • Supervise and train student workers
  • Manage department budgets, vouchers, transfers and purchase orders
  • Purchase and stock faculty office supplies
  • Report maintenance and custodial needs for the department
  • Assist director with payroll review and revisions
  • Prepare part-time faculty contracts
  • Maintain electronic graduate course syllabi
  • Schedule, administer and type faculty student course evaluations
  • Review and edit the department catalog and web-site
  • Assist graduate faculty with textbook orders to Lee University Bookstore
  • Type, file, and oversee equipment maintenance in the department
  • Attend and document Graduate Education Committee meetings
  • Coordinate graduate student presentations
  • Prepare and distribute thesis and portfolio information
  • Assist with transcript evaluations and communicate results to the student
  • Prepare materials for prospective students inquiries
  • Communicate status of fully accepted students and information regarding scholarships and assistantships to the Financial Aid office
  • Create new records of graduate students in Colleague
  • Track graduation candidates each semester and help prepare the graduation program



Cleveland, TN 37320
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