Assistant or Associate Professor of Mathematics

Mission Statement:
The university transforms lives by equipping students to pursue academic excellence, integrate faith with all areas of knowledge, engage a diverse world, and live worthy of the high calling of God in Christ.
klahoma Baptist University achieves its missi

Expectaitions for all Employees:

The University achieves its mission on through a shared commitment to the following expectations. All employees are expected to embrace these expectations and to model them in their behavior.

  • Commitment to the essentials of the Christian faith.
  • People are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Relationships are built on honesty, integrity, and trust.
  • Excellence is achieved through teamwork.
  • leadership, and a strong work ethic.
  • Efficiency is achieved through wise management of human and financial resources.


The assistant or associate professor of mathematics is an instructional position with primary teaching responsibilities both in service courses and major degree course offerings for students in the university. Expertise is desired in the areas of statistics and analysis.

Essential Functions:

  • Strong commitment to teaching undergraduates
  • Willingness to teach service courses in the Flex Core as required for both mathematics andnon-mathematics majors
  • Willingness to teach upper level courses in areas such as statistics and numerical analysis
  • Willingness to teach in summer and/or January terms, as needed
  • Willingness to fulfill faculty responsibilities as described in the University’s Faculty Handbook,(e.g. committee service, academic advising, meeting with prospective students, curriculum development)


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of best pedagogy standards in the teaching of mathematical concepts
  • Energetic and enthusiastic personality; high standards of conduct, appearance, and attitude.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision; to work and lead collaboratively.
  • Ability to supervise student staff and lead groups working in a collaborative, strategy-driven environment.



Ph.D., Mathematics or related field


M.S., Mathematics or related field



Teaching mathematics at the college level.


Graphing calculator (e.g., the TI-83/83 and/or 89 series)

Microsoft Excel

Knowledge of a programming language (desirable)

Facility in using Smartboard and iPad technologies as teaching tools (desirable)

Physical Requirements:

Ability to conduct lectures and facilitate student learning using educational technologies, as appropriate.

Special Requirements:

  • The Assistant or Associate Professor of mathematics must accept the purposes and goals of the university, exhibit commitment to the ideals of Christian liberal arts education, must be an active member of an evangelical church, and must show the ability to work with people from varied backgrounds.
  • Leadership qualities required include organizational and supervisory skills, collaborative relational skills, as well as the ability to communicate in a positive manner on a professional level with colleagues, students and student workers.
Shawnee, OK 74804
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