Coordinator of Production - Cinematography

Purpose of Job

The Coordinator of Production - Cinematography position entails the systematic gathering of video and photography footage of the  University campus in order to provide content to be edited and disseminated to a variety of university constituents. The job primarily focuses on capturing the high-quality, artistic images of campus life.

Education and Work Experience

·         Bachelor’s Degree in Communication or related sub-field including Digital Media, Telecommunication, or Cinematography.

·         Current Demo/Resume Reel

Skill Requirements

·         Ability to shoot video on a variety of video cameras

·         Execute production in a variety of shooting styles: cinematic, documentary, commercial, long-form, and studio-driven camera applications.

·         Familiarity with field audio recording and timecode synchronization

·         Familiarity of lighting for video

·         Work in a team-based production environment

·         Strong communication skills 

·         Contribute creative production ideas

·         Familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud

·         Self-motivated to see a project from concept to completion

Essential Job Functions

·         Oversee single camera shooting of campus and campus events

·         Maintain and schedule production equipment including the RED and URSA

·         Schedule and organize shoots

·         Coordinate with director, media services staff, and students for gathering footage specific for projects

·         Create shooting schedule of campus footage and events

·         Ingest and organize footage in shared storage media server

·         Edit projects

·         Assist in all operational aspects of Media Services

·         Work with student works, assistants, and interns

·         Positively reflect the University in both production and personal interactions

·         Role flexibility

Physical Requirements

·         Must be able to lift and carry camera, lighting, and support equipment

·         Work indoors and outdoors depending on the required shooting



Cleveland, TN 37320
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