Trying to study and want to eat a healthy snack?

Yams ( Sweet Potatoes)!

Yam is your friend. Other than the fact that it is abundant in Vitamin A and Fiber to keep you healthy, it helps fill you up so that you snack less, maintain blood sugar for a longer time and score the needed share of the carbohydrates that will run your brain and help you process your homework.


A baked Yam barely has Fat so it will also help you maintain your cholesterol level. The Yam is also high in Vitamin C a good thing in the Winter. During our church long fasting periods, the Yam will give you a fair share of Calcium since at these times Milk is off the table. After eating a Yam you no longer want that cake or these chips you thought you wanted.

There is plenty of information about Yams online, research it and try it, you will see it is one of the millions of God’s goodness.